September 2017 Water Distiller Sale

AiraNui Air Purifier

AiraNui Front View

AiraNui Air PurifierON SALE NOW for only $199 (no coupon needed). Regular Price: $399. HEPA filter, Carbon Filter, UV Protection, Adjustable Ozone, Remote Control.  Give your fall allergies a run for their money.  The AiraNui air purifier really helps cleanse the air.  We recommend one for your living area and one for your sleeping area.  It makes a huge difference for indoor air quality!


Automatic Water Distillers

 AquaNui 8 Gallon Water Distiller  AquaNui 10 Gallon Water Distiller  AquaNui 12 Gallon Water Distiller
AquaNui 8 Gallon AquaNui 10 Gallon AquaNui 12 Gallon

FREE SHIPPING + $100 Off the AquaNui 8 Gallon, AquaNui 10 Gallon or an AquaNui 12 Gallon with coupon code: automatic. Offer good Sept 13th – Sept 30th, 2017.  Continental US only. Terms and Conditions Apply.


AquaNui CT Countertop Water Distiller

Fall Sale Coupon Code: fall2017

Buy an AquaNui CT (countertop water distiller) and a 1 year supply of filters and get FREE SHIPPING with coupon code: fall2017.  Offer good Sept 5th – 30th, 2017. Continental US only.  Terms and Conditions Apply.