Your furry, scaly, or feathered friends deserve the best in drinking water. AquaNui distilled water is not only fantastic drinking water for people, but it is also perfect for pets. Many pet owners have told us that their pets preferred distilled water when given a choice!

Distillation is an entirely natural way to purify water. Gently boiling the water allows contaminants to be left behind, while clean, pure water rises in the form of steam and is then collected for consumption. Our process mirrors the hydrologic cycle. If you are a pet owner who buys higher quality pet food, makes sure your pet gets exercise and medical care, and worries about your pet’s health, distilled water is an excellent addition to your pet’s life.

hydrologic cycle with water distiller

Distilled Water for Dogs & Cats

Cats and dogs benefit from distilled water, just like humans. Consider all of the things that could be present in your tap water, such as chlorine, lead, nitrates, viruses, or bacteria. Does your dog or cat’s water bowl get a slime growing in it? Does your dog or cat suffer from inflammation or arthritis? While we can’t make medical claims, we have received several letters, emails, and calls from pet owners who have said that distilled water has improved their cat or dog’s quality of life.

Small Pets & Distilled Water

Do you have a lizard, hamster, bird, rabbit, guinea pig, or amphibian? They love distilled water. Do you have larger animals like horses or farm animals? Some farmers living in areas with lower quality water have purchased larger commercial water distillers to produce healthier animals or grow higher quality produce in hydroponic farms. The fact is that all living creatures benefit from drinking pure vapor distilled water.

Fish & Distilled Water

If you are looking to keep your fish healthy or start a new fish tank, using distilled water is a great way to start. Fish owners know that certain fish or corals are very sensitive. If the water doesn’t have just the right pH and calcium, salinity, phosphates, and ammonia are all kept in check, it can spell disaster for fish.

Starting a fish tank with distilled water provides you with a blank slate with which to start. You don’t have to worry about tap water that may have nitrates, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, or other unknown chemicals or toxins found in tap water.

Please note that it is not recommended to put fish directly into freshly distilled water. A pump should be used to oxygenate the water, or it should be oxygenated by shaking before adding fish to it.

drinking water for pets

Love Letters from Water Distiller Owners

We’ve received “love letters” from people using distilled water for their dogs, cats, and more. Some uses were even beyond our imagination. We had a worm breeder who said all of his worms were dying until he started using distilled water.

Vets have informed us that distilled water helps animals suffering from diarrhea due to too much sulfur in the water. Some vets have purchased larger distillers for their office just for that purpose.

Parakeet and parrot owners love distilled water because it is chlorine and fluoride-free.

Do you want to get rid of ich in your fish tank? A tropical fish owner let us know that using distilled water helped him significantly.

hen there are the dog owners whose dogs experienced improvement from arthritis symptoms after drinking distilled. While we don’t have scientific studies and can’t make health claims, we are so happy to know that both people and pets feel better by drinking distilled water. 

Water Distiller for Your Home

Invest in your health by purchasing a home water distiller. You can use the distilled water for cooking, drinking, making drinks, making ice, and pets. After all, they are a dear part of our families, and we want them to live long, happy, healthy lives.