Why Use Distilled Water?

There are a wide variety of uses for distilled water, some of which you may surprise you.  Most people know that distilled water is preferred for irons and other appliances, but not everyone understands why.  Distilled water is free of contaminants.  Water that is purified through distillation will not leave behind any minerals, toxins or contaminants that would likely cause hard mineral buildup or clog a machine.  Along the same lines, distilled water is recommended for drinking and cooking because it will not introduce any harmful substances into your body.

Uses of Distilled Water

Distilled Water is Like Rainwater

Firstly, and most importantly, distilled water is safe for drinking. A common myth is that distilled water is not safe to drink and may cause one’s body to become too acidic.  This is simply untrue.  In fact, there is no danger or mystery behind distilled water or how it is produced. Others are concerned that distilled water does not contain minerals. There are very few, if any, useful minerals in tap water. Most tap water is not a safe source for minerals. It is better to rely on fruits and vegetables (especially raw) for mineral nutrition. Furthermore, distilled water does not leach minerals from your body. That is another big myth!  Distilled water is akin to rainwater, which we know is commonly used for drinking water and is generally considered to be safe.  Both rainwater and distilled water are produced by similar processes of evaporation and condensation.  Distilled water is much cleaner than rainwater, however, because it is collected immediately, while rainwater passes through the air and may collect some gases and particles on the way.  Freshly distilled water, like rainwater that is gathered after the air has been cleared, has a neutral pH, which is seven on pH scale.  It is true when distilled water is left sitting in an open container, it will absorb a very small amount of carbon dioxide to form a very weak carbonic acid but this is no problem…it gives distilled water a nice taste and extends its shelf life. To put it in perspective, orange juice would be 10,000 times more acidic than freshly distilled water.

hydrologic cycle with water distiller

Distilled Water for Drinking

The safest and most beneficial drinking water is distilled water.  It is free of toxins, chemicals, bacteria and viruses.  Our distilled water is frequently tested by third party water-testing facilities, and is found to be 99.9% pure.  It is by far the cleanest water available for consumption.  What’s more is that the process of steam distillation is tried and true.  It’s simple and natural, which is what makes it so appealing.  There’s no need for added chemicals like chlorine or ozone to kill bacteria.  Additionally, nothing extra is added to the distilled water like fluoride which, which is unsafe, based on a Harvard Study. (Harvard.edu https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/features/a-call-for-reducing-fluoride-levels-in-drinking-water/)

Distilled Water for Cooking and Baking

It makes sense that since distilled water is free of toxins, it is also perfect for cooking. Boiling tap water actually lets the pure steam escape and concentrates the toxins in water. If you think about it, distilled water is great for boiling eggs, making pasta, baking cakes, and cooking vegetables. Protect yourself and your family by using distilled water for all of your consumptive needs.

Distilled Water for Coffee, Tea, and other Drinks

The flavors of all of your favorite coffees and teas will come to life using clean pure distilled water.  Not only will you be protecting yourself from bacteria, viruses or other unknown contaminants, your drinks will taste better than ever.  Not to mention that tap water that is chlorinated has a big impact on the taste of drinks.  The richness of coffee will shine through and all of the intended flavors and subtle notes of your tea collection will delight your senses.  This is also true of lemonade or reconstituting juices. Be prepared to have a lot more friends over for tea and coffee once they taste the distilled difference. You will also save money on the amount of coffee grounds or tea leaves you need to use.

Distilled Water for Ice Cubes

Everyone loves crystal clear ice cubes, but how does one make them?  Distilled water is the answer.  Your ice will not only freeze faster but it will taste purely delicious!  No more ruining drinks with strange ice cube odors or unsightly sediments dripping from them.  Have a little fun during the summer with star shaped ice cubes.  Serve your favorite adult beverages with beautifully shaped ice cubes.  All you need is distilled water and novelty ice cube trays.  You can even make your own popsicles with distilled water and fresh squeezed limes or lemons.  Yum!

Automatic Water Distillers

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Distilled Water for Baby Formula

distilled water for baby formula

Did you know that distilled water is recommended for baby formula?  Distilled water keeps babies safe by removing harmful contaminants that would otherwise enter their small

bodies.  Because babies are so small, it is important to take extra steps to protect them.  Consider the harm that would come to babies if they drank water with lead water contamination.  Lead is a cumulative toxin and by the time authorities are aware of a water contamination problem, it could be too late.  Excess lead can cause learning disorders, anemia, kidney damage, and even brain damage.  Additionally, pregnant women need to protect their unborn children from nitrate/nitrite poisoning by drinking distilled water.  Learn more about Distilled Water for Babies and Formula here…

Distilled Water for Dogs, Cats and other Animals

Your pet is a member of your family so it makes sense to protect them by giving them distilled water too.  It is perfect for dogs, cats, birds and other animals.  Did you know that some race horses are only given distilled water?  Secretariat is one such horse. Having your own water distiller provides you and your pets with toxin free, bacteria free, virus free water.  Some people claim that distilled water helps reduce joint inflammation, which may also help a pet with arthritis, although there have not been any medical studies to prove this.

Distilled Water for Plants and for Seed Germination

Distilled water benefits don’t only stop at animals.  House plants flourish with the help of distilled water.  This is because there is no buildup of unwanted minerals in the plant’s soil.  Also, there are no organic or inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants to stress the plant.  All water is not created equal and you will get better results with your house plants with the help of distilled water. Studies have shown that when comparing seed germination and growth, seeds that are watered with distilled water not only grow faster and healthier but with a larger success rate.

Distilled Water for Hair

Many people use distilled water to wash or at least rinse their hair.  Distilled water is virtually pure water and will leave hair shiny, soft, manageable and healthy.  Chlorine and other additives can affect how shampoo reacts with tap water.  Additionally, magnesium and calcium can be left behind on hair from hard water making hair dull, rough and tangled.  Soaps and shampoos are simply less effective with hard water.  About 85% of the United States’ tap water is hard. In the past, women often used rainwater to wash their hair. Try washing your hair with distilled water for healthy, beautiful hair.

Distilled Water for Irons

Almost everyone knows that distilled water is recommended for use in irons to safeguard the iron from crusty buildup that will shorten the life of the iron.  This is because distilled water is contaminant and mineral free.  Distilled water will keep your iron working properly for years to come.  Moreover, your iron won’t get clogged or spit out little chunks of minerals on your nice clean clothes.

Distilled Water for Neti Pots

Neti Pots have been used for hundreds of years.  They are designed to cleanse the sinuses and have become more popular among those who suffer from sinus infections and seasonal allergies.  Did you know that that tap water can contain brain eating amoebas and has caused legionnaires disease in some people?  Distilled water is an excellent choice for neti pots for nasal irrigation as it is the cleanest water available.  Why introduce possible viruses. parasites or bacteria into your sinuses with tap water?  You may think your water is clean, but a lot of tap water has 300 to 400 total dissolved solids present.  No one really knows exactly what is in their water.

Distilled Water for Humidors

To properly store cigars, humidors need to be kept at a specific humidity level.  Distilled water does not introduce any minerals or contaminants that could affect the cigars. Tap water is impure and, when used in a humidor, can create deposits in or around cigars.  Tap water can leave a white dust on the cigars and inside the humidor.  Also, it can introduce microorganisms.  Chlorine can greatly affect the quality of the cigars and lessen the humidity level inside the humidor.  For those who wish to store their cigars in the best environment possible, distilled water is a must.

Distilled Water for Car Batteries and Car Radiators

Many batteries are low maintenance and do not require water to be added.  However, for batteries that allow water to be added, impurities can have a large impact on performance.  Using tap water will leave behind minerals that will accumulate and effect the inside of the battery. Distilled water is also great for diluting the coolant for your car radiator. Your coolant will last longer without the sludge that is often formed from tap water.

Distilled Water for CPAP Machines

Most manufacturers recommend that distilled water for CPAP machines because tap water can leave mineral or contaminant deposits in the machine’s humidifier.  This will reduce the life of the CPAP machine.  Moreover, tap water could have bacteria or microbes present.  Breathing in volatile organic compounds, bacteria or unknown chemicals could affect your health.  For safety’s sake, distilled water is by far the best choice.  Some people think that boiling water prior to using it in a CPAP machine is enough, but that does not remove minerals.  If you are traveling, you can bottle your own distilled water and pack it in your suitcase for later use, just be sure you’ve sealed the bottles well enough that they won’t leak.  Don’t forget to clean your mask and equipment regularly with distilled water and unscented soap.  You can warm up your distilled water in a pan or using a hotpot (although be careful not to make it too hot).  If you are experiencing nasal or skin irritation, it may be a result of not cleaning your equipment well enough.  In addition to that, using distilled water for CPAP will also save your nose and skin from potential irritation. 

Distilled Water for Health Care Use

Distilled water is the absolute best choice for health care needs.  There is no better water for wound cleansing, sterilization, any medical machines that require water or rinsing equipment.  Distilled water is a must for laboratory use because it guards against contaminated reagents.  Cleanrooms maintenance protocols require distilled water to keep floors and other areas free of contamination.

Distilled Water for Home Use

Many more uses of distilled water can be found in and around your home.  Some use distilled water for cleaning glass windows panes and mirrors to get the best spot free results.  Others clean leather with distilled water on a dampened cloth on a monthly basis.  Gently wipe electronics off with distilled water on a cloth as well, while following manufacturers cleaning instructions. Distilled water is the ideal solvent for cleaning antique furniture and other antiques.


Distilled water is a superior alternative to tap water. Distilled water is not only safe and beneficial to drink and cook with, it is also fresh and delicious.  In addition to that, it is safe for cats, dogs, birds and other animals to drink.  It is vital for the proper functioning of medical devices such as CPAP machines and helps other devices such as irons and batteries to last much longer.  The key is the lack of contaminants including bacteria, viruses, hard minerals and toxins.  Machines function better and last longer by taking advantage of the cleanliness of distilled water. Doctors, nutritionists, and families all over the world are already experiencing the benefits of pure water. Wouldn’t you like to join them?