Using distilled water for humidifiers in your home will save you time and money.  Your humidifier will last longer and it will be easier to clean.  More importantly, the mist created will be clean and contaminant free.  Get clean vapor mist into your home, bedroom and office with distilled water.

What is Making My Humidifier Smell Bad?

Your humidifier might have a moldy odor because it needs to be cleaned more often or your tap water could have bacteria or contaminants in it that are multiplying causing mold or fungus to flourish.  By not using clean, distilled water, it is possible that mold could be entering the air of your home by way of your humidifier.  For those with allergies or asthma, this can be particularly harmful.  Moreover, it will fill the room with an unhealthy moldy odor.

How Do I Clean My Humidifier?

Always clean your humidifier according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Many vaporizers can be cleaned with some vinegar or a little bleach, depending on the model and the design.  If the humidifier has a removable tank free of electric parts, it may be recommended to clean with bleach and water.  Always completely rinse out all bleach before using your humidifier again.  Again, to clean parts that are more delicate, follow manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Some tell you soak specific parts in a vinegar and water solution to dissolve hard water buildup.  Follow your user’s manual or get one from the manufacturer’s website. 

Should I Use Distilled Water in My Humidifier?

You will not have to clean your humidifier as often if you use distilled water.  Moreover, your humidifier is not as likely to develop fungus or mold.  It is also healthier because there is no dust or bacteria growth.  Many manufacturers recommend distilled water for their humidifiers.

Where Do I Buy Distilled Water?

Buying distilled water at the grocery store can be a hassle.  You would have to remember to buy the right amount every time you go shopping and you also need to lug it into your home.  Gallons and gallons of distilled water can get heavy!  On the other hand, having a water distiller machine at home provides you with a consistent supply of clean, fresh water for use in humidifiers and many other devices that require water. 

Did you know that vapor distilled water makes fantastic healthy drinking water too?  It is free from pollution and contaminants like nitrates, arsenic, uranium, microplastics, and much more.  Forget about bottled water that can cost upwards of 0.46¢ a bottle and creates plastic waste.  Instead, use a convenient home water distiller that produces drinking water for about 0.02¢ a glass.

Distilled Water Cost

Is Distilled Water is Healthy?

Distilled water is the best water for your humidifier.  Your humidifier will require less upkeep, smell better, and it may even extend its life.  It is also better for you and your family as it will not release mold or mineral dust into the air. Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by using distilled water for your humidifier.

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