“Water Bubbling like Champagne”

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“Water Bubbling like Champagne”

… But it definitely does not taste, smell or feel refreshing like it. This was Mr. Jackson’s statement when 59 homes were tested and found out a dozen had water wells with methane concentrations greater than 28 milligrams per liter of water.

In a recent study conducted by the Duke University, the University of Rochester and California State Polytechnic University, Methane was detected in 82% of drinking water samples.

Scientific Research & Findings

On the other hand, while the EPA has been dumping and delaying studies of fracking’s effects on drinking water, new academic research reveals that people who live near natural gas wells in Pennsylvania are drinking the same gases that the frackers are pumping out from the shale beneath their feet. Here’s a bullet-pointed summary of major findings, for any higher-ups at the EPA who might still care about what fracking is doing to the nation’s water supplies:

  • Methane concentrations in drinking water were six times higher in wells less than 1,100 yards from a natural gas well than were average concentrations in wells located farther away.
  • Ethane concentrations were 23 times higher in water pumped less than 1,100 yards from a natural gas well than from other water wells.
  • Propane was found in 10 water wells located less than 1,100 yards from a natural gas well, but not in any of the wells located farther away.

Next time you see feed water bubbling, you better hope that you either own an AquaNui distiller or it is real Champagne.

Fracking“Ultimately, we need to understand why, in some cases, shale gas extraction contaminates groundwater and how to keep it from happening elsewhere.”

bodyPollutedUntil that happens, families need to take control and provide the best water treatment solution known to human; distillation. With our 45 years of market experience, product development, and several patents pending, Pure & Secure, LLC. the maker of the AquaNui Brand is proud to introduce a complete line of distillers that is affordable, durable and Made in America. Our customers trust our brand and the company standing behind it. Water is made wonderful with our AquaNui distillers. It is an investment for life to improve the quality of life for those who take their health and those whom they love seriously.

So next time when water murky and bubbling, you better hope that you either own an AquaNui distiller or it is real Champagne.

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