Wonderful water!!!

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I am a dialysis nurse and I know the benefits of drinking pure water. Dialysis patients have to be given their treatments with pure water. I have been searching and searching for a wonderful distiller and found one here.  There […]

The Safe Drinking Water Act

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The Safe Drinking Water Act

Part 1 of a Series In 1974 Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) to provide national requirements for drinking water standards to protect the public health.  This law was tightened considerably in 1986 and again in 1996 by […]

Fracking; a Thirsty Industry

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Fracking; a Thirsty Industry

With historic droughts sweeping the nation last year, water tables are already strained. Combine that with a booming and thirsty fracking industry and you have a tough problem to solve. Hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ is a process in which, millions […]

Nitrates in water linked to birth defects

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Nitrates in water has been linked to several diseases. There are different ways to remove nitrates in water. But there is one best method, distillation. It will make you appreciate the fact you have a distiller. And if you don’t have one yet, it is not too late to customize your own AquaNui distiller.

Difference between Organic and Non-Organic Minerals

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I heard and read many times from raw-food circles that only minerals in plants can be assimilated by the human body. Rock minerals or minerals in water are not assimilated by our body cells. In some Natural Hygiene books, minerals […]

The Fear of Pandemics

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The Fear of Pandemics

According to many experts, it is not a question of if vicious flu virus will return but of when and how it will return. Just how alarming is such a scenario? John M. Barry, author of the book The Great Influenza, provides this perspective: “A terrorist with a nuclear weapon is every national politician’s nightmare. A new influenza pandemic should be.” What do recent facts reveal? And why would it be advantageous to own an AquaNui distiller?

Alkaline or Ionized Water – Pseudoscience or not?

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Is Alkaline water a pseudoscience? what does science reveal about alkaline or ionized water? How do some unbiased chemists regard this type of water treatment? Why has it mushroomed and became popular especially among Multilevel Marketing Companies? But the most important question you will need to answer is: “What is my decision?”

E Coli in Tap Water

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Water pollution, contamination to be precise, has become an extremely global sensitive issue. It gets even more touchy when a perception grows that the government agencies are not doing enough to curb the source of contamination and to treat the polluted water. What can you do to alleviate the situation and protect yourself and family? How can you get rid of E-Coli and Chromium from your tap water?