Difference between Organic and Non-Organic Minerals

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I heard and read many times from raw-food circles that only minerals in plants can be assimilated by the human body. Rock minerals or minerals in water are not assimilated by our body cells. In some Natural Hygiene books, minerals from plants are called “organic” minerals and those from rocks are called “non-organic”.

The Quick Answer:

Some people have even claimed that the cooking process turns organic minerals into toxic, non-organic ones. this statement by itself is far from being true. When you cook your food, heat may extract some of the nutrients naturally present in raw food, thus losing some of the vitamins found in raw food produce. I did some research forVegetables people who are interested in this topic, so this next section is going to be a bit technical. The quick answer though is this: Minerals in plants are best but we can still assimilate a tiny amount of minerals found in water and other sources. For example, Calcium in water is a salt, which means that it has a positive ion and a negative ion. You can absorb it to a degree but when we are talking about efficiency, it’s better when it’s attached (chelated) to other molecules. So overall, you can absorb only a tiny amount of the minerals in the water you drink, so it’s better to plan getting them from food instead!

The Scientific Explanation:

How well a mineral ion is absorbed in the body depends on the environment it is in. (What other substances are surrounding it.) The stomach acids break everything down while the intestines reduce the acidity so that it can better absorb what was eaten. So in doing so, additional anions, (negatively charged ions that the body produces) may bind with the mineral ions that you ate. So while you need iron in your diet, sucking on an iron bar is likely not going to help you.

HemeMoleculeIn your body, iron is surrounded by the heme molecule. Many of the trace minerals in your body have some sort of protein molecule attached to it. This prevents the mineral ion from reacting with the alkaline chemicals your body produces. In many cases these protein molecules effectively surround these metal ions.

It helps with better absorption because some of these molecules can easily attach itself to the intestine. This doesn’t mean that non-organic is mineral useless. It just means that once ingested, it has to “compete” with the chemicals that the body produces for proper absorption, with other mineral ions, and bind with protein molecules to attach to the intestine to be absorbed.

So while you need iron in your diet, sucking on an iron bar is likely not going to help you.

M & M explains the difference between organic and non-organic:

Let me tell you how Eldon Muehling, a longtime employee at Pure & Secure with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and aka “Doctor Water” explained it to me: “Picture a red M & M&MM. Then think of the inside of an M & M (the chocolate part) as the calcium which our body wants and needs. Next, think of the outer coating (the red shell part) as the chelated layer portion, which the plant attaches to the calcium during photosynthesis. The plant hooks on (chelates) the amino acids and sugars to the calcium. By hiding the calcium (sugar coating it) it fools our cells into believing that it is all sugar (an organic substance) which it can much more easily accept and assimilate. Another way of thinking about it is to picture it as a Trojan horse where the horse is the transport for the payload inside”. M & M never tasted the same to me ever since Eldon shared that illustration with me.

The Bottom Truth!

Plant sources already have the minerals attached to these bio-molecules and hence are better absorbed. (This is chelation…attached to amino acids and sugars mainly) Why pummel your body with minerals that will “compete” with essential beneficial3_AN minerals for your body cells? Drinking distilled water will avoid the “internal competition” non-organic minerals cause and will provide a safe transportation of organic minerals to be properly absorbed by your body. So from my standpoint the myth has been scientifically unveiled / resolved: While non-organic cannot be considered mineral useless to some degree, they are not the best type of minerals you want to be absorbed by your body. Treat your body with the BEST. Do not settle for less. Drinking contaminant-free distilled water with a balanced healthy diet is the BEST option available on this planet that you can provide for yourself and your loved ones with. Customize the AquaNui distiller that best suits you, your needs, and your expectations. The AquaNui modular design allows you pick and choose the accessories you desire to add on to your distiller. Be the tailor, the fashion designer, the beneficiary and the model to own an AquaNui of your choice.

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  1. Eldon Muehling
    July 26, 2013

    You must realize that the M & M analogy is a gross over simplification of what is really happening. Don’t think of the M & M story and the Trojan horse analogy at the same time and you will be okay, and that is no horsemeat!!

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