Copper in Water linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

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Copper in Water linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

The study was reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Drinking tap water containing trace levels of copper may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, say scientists. Researchers believe copper combined with cholesterol may prevent the brain […]

Fukushima; worse than Chernobyl?

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Fukushima is once again on the news as TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) recently admitted that the leakage of radiation contaminated water at the Fukushima plant has not been contained.  After denying it for over 2 years, Japan’s nuclear watch […]

Barium – its health effects on the human body

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With the increase of drilling for Natural Gas, ground and surface waters are getting contaminated by this inorganic metal found in water called Barium. Its health risks are many. They can vary from increase in blood pressure all the way to death. Why take the risk of having even a tiny small elements of Barium in your drinking water? What water treatment alternatives can you consider? When it comes to your health, is the cheapest price or the best solution, what influences your buying decision?