Nitrates in water linked to birth defects

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A new study released today identified a further link between nitrate pollution in water and crippling birth defects. The study released by Texas A&M explains how contaminated water can cause spina bifida, cleft palate, and missing limbs in newborns. The EPA mentions infants below the age of six months that drink water containing nitrates in excess of 10 MCL could become seriously ill and, if untreated may die. Symptoms include shortness of breath and Blue-baby Syndrome.

Impact on Residents

Nitrate contamination affects nearly 250,000 people from Fresno down to Bakersfield, but health officials say residents in the Kern County (Fresno) area do not have to worry. “When you look at the study itself, it may not be conclusive,” said Donna Fenton, from the county’s Environmental Health Services. Fenton explained that many homes in the county are set up with public water; therefore, the water is already tested for nitrates.NitratesMap-2013

Although nitrate levels are blamed on farming agriculture methods such as fertilization. Benjamin McFarland with the Kern County Farm Bureau said the farming is trying to do what they can to keep levels low. “The farm bureau has sponsored many bills to get money to those folks in the communities that need filtration systems,” he said.

“In most cases you’re on a water system that has many users and is required to reduce that nitrogen,” said Fenton. Private Wells, which are more prone to contamination, need to be checked regularly. Yet, as long as they have the right filtration system, they should not pose a health problem.

What is the best water treatment method to effectively and consistently remove Nitrates from Water?

The University of Missouri with the help of The Missouri Department of Health comment on the 3 common methods to remove Nitrates in water:

1- Distillation removes nitrate and all other minerals from the water. The distilling process has only 4 simple steps:

  1. The water is boiled.HydrologicCycle
  2. The resulting steam is caught.
  3. The steam is condensed on a cold   surface, turning back into water. The nitrates and other minerals remain concentrated in the boiling tank and are discarded.
  4. Fresh, Pure contaminant-free water is collected in a separate container.

2- Reverse Osmosis is another method that reduces but does not remove all the nitrates found in water.

3- Ion Exchange Resin: In addition to exchanging nitrates, the resin beads also take up sulfate in exchange for chlorides. Therefore, if sulfates are present in the water supply, the capacity of the resin to take up nitrate is reduced and will require constant replacement.


From their research, it is obvious that distillation is the best choice to remove nitrates in water. Pure & Secure has done multiple tests for nitrate removal through third12g party testing laboratories over the years. Click here and see for yourself an independent laboratory report showing the effectiveness of distillation in nitrate removal.
NoNitratesIt has always been the position of Pure & Secure that the human body needs pure, contaminant-free water to function at its peak. Water treatment methods should not be able to simply remove some of the contaminants in water that can be harmful to those who drink it. Our products mimic the Hydrologic Cycle and, unlike water filtration methods, our steam-distillation technology returns water back to its pure origin. Don’t you want the best protection for your family? Start custom designing your AquaNui distiller today!


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    July 26, 2013

    Sorry for a couple of “typos” in my previous comment. (No Spell Check!)

  2. Eldon Muehling
    July 26, 2013

    It is very important to know that the real problem here is actually NITRITE! When anarobic bacteria are present with the nitrate, the nitrate is loses an oxygen aton to become nitrite which is at least 10 times worse than nitrate!! This is what really cause the blue baby syndrone.

    Nitrite can alo react with amino acids in the digestive tract to convert into nitrosamines. They are carcinogenic and often lead to stomach cancer and cancer of the small intestine!! As you can see, nItrates and nitrites are not just a risk to young babies and pregnant women. Older people and those with a compromised imune sytemare also at considerable risk!

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