Our Water and the Hydrologic Cycle

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Our Water and the Hydrologic Cycle

Water by its very nature, is a good solvent.  This means that a wide range of substances can dissolve in the water when in contact with water.  So for this reason, the natural state for water would be highly contaminated.  This is certainly true of sea-water and highly brackish water.

My Experience!

Not long ago I visited Jordan and while there decided to drive over to the Dead Sea.   At more than 1300 feet below sea-level the Dead Sea is the lowest body of water on the surface of DeadSea-Jordanthe earth.  Once water flows into the Dead Sea there is nowhere for it to flow out. It simply evaporates and when that happens the minerals and other contaminants in the water accumulate, making the Dead Sea water so dense that you can swim in it without sinking. In places there are giant crystal formations. On the beach there are showers to rinse off.  Failure to shower results in your skin being encrusted with white powder as soon as the water evaporates from your skin.

But we all know that the water we drink typically is not highly contaminated compared to sea-water.  So how did it purify itself?  This is an important question, that impacts life on earth as we know it.

Water has an automatic purification process in Nature.  We call it the Hydrologic Cycle. It’s a simple 4-step process.  Here’s how this amazing process works to purify sea-water:


  1. When the sun rises it heats the surface of the ocean.
  2. Heating the ocean surface results in water molecules evaporating and rising in the atmosphere
  3. Once in the atmosphere the molecule coalesce and, when conditions are right, condensation occurs.
  4. The precipitating droplets fall to earth as rainwater, which is so much more pure than the sea-water at the start of the process.

 We all owe our lives and way of living to this natural process.  Life on earth would be quite different without the Hydrologic Cycle.

How effective is it?

Well, sea-water is typically about 35,000 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS).  Rainwater is typically “0” ppm of TDS.  Of course with pollutants in the air the raindrops pick up contaminants and can start the contamination process all over before they reach the ground.

Now it’s possible to have a water purification system that based on the Hydrologic Cycle.   The process is called distillation and AquaNui Brand has a variety of units for your home or office that you can customize to your needs.  These all operate on the same principle – heat the water to boiling, killing the bacteria and viruses.  The steam which is a vapor, rises from the boiling water leaving behind virtually all contaminants. The steam is condensed with cool air and drips into the collection tank as high purity and freshly prepared distilled water.

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