Fracking; a Thirsty Industry

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Fracking; a Thirsty Industry

With historic droughts sweeping the nation last year, water tables are already strained. Combine that with a booming and thirsty fracking industry and you have a tough WATERDROUGHT-2013problem to solve. Hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ is a process in which, millions of gallons of water mixed with sand and various toxic chemicals, are injected into the ground at high pressure to create fractures and release pockets of natural gas. Multiply the average nine million gallons of water used per well by hundreds of thousands of wells across the country and you can see how this practice of producing energy creates an especially high demand for water. This no doubt will increase tension between natural gas corporations, lawmakers trying to weigh economic and environmental effects, residents whose land and water is being polluted, environmentalists who are concerned about protecting water supplies and wildlife habitats as well as farmers who need this very water for their crops.

This issue is compounded by the fact that there is significant lax in regulation regarding the disposal of the waste water that is created during the fracking process.  The drilling creates millions of gallons of toxic waste per well.   This is exactly what Bart Miller, Water Program Director at Western Resources Advocates, is concerned about.  In the Denver Post he writes,3_AN “Most frack water is so laden with toxins or salts that it is unsuitable for other uses, and must be disposed of in shallow pits or far below groundwater reservoirs. We can only hope it will never migrate and contaminate drinking water reservoirs.”

So what is the best solution to treat the water that is contaminated, particularly by the fracking industry?  Distillation is the single, most effective water treatment method on the planet.  It is consistent, produces high purity water and for every gallon of contaminated water put into our distillers, they will produce almost a gallon of distilled water!  This cannot be said for household reverse osmosis systems which are ‘water hogs’, as they send between 7-12 gallons of water down the drain just to produce 1 gallon of treated water!  If you want purify AND conserve water, then an AquaNui distiller is the perfect solution!

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