UN Officials Warn of Future Water Shortage

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Water Shortage has increasingly become the number one concern among UN officials and environmentalists especially in areas such as the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. In fact, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon expressed his concern in this recent video trying to draw people’s awareness on water scarcity. He pointed out to the importance of water conservation in a time where water has become a precious commodity, and if not well preserved the future of humanity may be at stake. This 1 minute video explains it all.

This water crisis transcends geographical boundaries and elevates itself above race, nationality, religion or ethnicity. The fact that world-leading countries suffer from the same issue puts them at the same level with other developing countries. So the need to get our minds and hearts invested into resources necessary to find a solution to water shortages precedes all other priorities in the world.  China, one of the world’s industrial leaders, is at a loss of what to do as the water crisis affects one town after another. The poor quality and availability of fresh drinking water is threatening the quality of life in China. Environmentalists are earnestly seeking solutions in vain. The government is investing billions of dollars in projects to maintain water quality and conserve water with little success. CBS news had a documentary showing people’s frustration towards the existing situation,

We believe with water shortage, a reliable 21st Century technology, that does not waste water and yet provide high purity water would be the ideal solution. Distillation is a technology that is dependable and capable of meeting the water challenges of the 21st Century. Simply put:

  1. Unlike other treatment methods, distillation does not require potable feed water to provide the consumer with fresh, pure safe drinking water. We have put ocean water, sewage water, muddy water, underground well, and fecal water through our distiller with astounding results; 99.99+% pure water.
  2. Distillation technology does not waste water to produce high-purity water. No other existing technology can match that.

We have some of our many satisfied customers who have been drinking distilled water for more than 45 years and they feel as  healthy and energized as ever. Doctors and nutritionists promote and drink distilled water. Here are some articles and links to what they had to say on distillation.  Regardless of what brand you decide to buy, get yourself a carefully engineered, well designed Made in the USA distiller. It is a one-time investment for life.

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