Fluoride – The Aging Factor

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Fluoride – The Aging Factor

In this article we will discuss the top dangers of fluoride. Water fluoridation has been banned in many countries including: China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan. Nearly all of Europe’s water supply is fluoride-free. Why do we not find the United States included in the list? 

Is-There-Fluoride-in-my-waterFluoride is also found in many items in the American food supply, because fluoridated water was used in its preparation.  Today the majority of American cities (70 % by the latest count) have fluoridated drinking water. Foods that contain fluoride include most reconstituted fruit and vegetable juices (unless freshly squeezed), virtually all soda pops, beers and wines (unless they are imported from Europe or other areas that do not fluoridate), coffee (regular or decaffeinated) served in restaurants or at home, tea (both regular and herbal), commercial and homemade soups, most processed foods such as chicken nuggets and even baby formula and baby foods!! What a shame!

The American Dental Association published in the Journal of the American Dental Association confirming fluoride as a toxic substance that actually destroys teeth, particularly those of developing young children and babies.

Did you know that …?

  • Fluoride can damage fertility, destroy bones and cause early puberty in children?
  • Fluoride is not specific for teeth.  One of the more serious problems with fluoride is that it accumulates in other parts of the body.
  • Fluoride concentrates in our bones over our lifetime and is one of the main reasons our bones harden and become brittle with age.
  • Infant exposure to fluoridated water has been repeatedly found to be a major risk factor in developing dental fluorosis later in life.
  • The American Dental Association confirmed dangers of fluoridated water especially for children
  • According to a U.S. epidemiological study, couples living in areas with 3ppm or more of fluoride in their water, showed increased rates of infertility. Two other studies have shown reduced levels of circulating testosterone in males living in fluoride areas.
  • Fluorides have the ability to interfere with various brain functions? The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists fluoride among some 100 other chemicals for which there is “substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.”
  • There have been dozens of studies (one study done by Harvard University) from around the world that have shown a strong association between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ.
  • Fluoride reacts with every enzyme and hormone in the body.   Fluoride negatively impacts both the thyroid and parathyroid gland Hypothyroidism causing premature aging? Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D (1943-2000) Author of Book, “Fluoride, the Aging Factor”.

How to remove Fluoride from water!

Wow!!!!!! What doesn’t Fluoride affect? If you own a distiller or plan to buy one, then you are making the best choice. While there exists water treatment methods to remove fluoride in water, distillation technology stands out as the best solution to this particular water pollutant. I am grateful that I have a reliable water distiller my family and I can drink Fluoride-Free Water every day without being concerned about the adverse effects of Fluoride in water.

The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson
The Case against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There by Paul Connett, James Beck, and H. Spedding Micklem

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