Started when I was 12 in 1977

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As I told you folks in the past, I bought a water distiller from you in 1977. I used it until last year when I gave it, refurbished, to my ex-wife. From the time I bought it, I have been a devoted follower of Dr. Carey Reams. He taught that the cause of heart disease (hardening of the arteries and plaque) was excess salt in the body. The solution is to drink about half your weight in ounces of distilled water daily, at the rate of about 4 oz every half hour. I started that when I was 25 in 1977. In 2009 I had some diagnostic work done by the VA, which included Carotid and Cardiac ultrasounds. Although I have had high cholesterol for over 20 years, it showed my arteries to be free of plaque at the age of 57.

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