What is Distilled Water?

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What is Distilled Water?

Consumers can choose from a variety of water treatment methods. What are they? Which are best? There have been books written on the science of water treatment, so allow me to simplify matters by using everyday language.

Purified Water

“Purified water” describes water that been treated by certain filters or by distillation. However, the term “purified” is used loosely in the water industry. So, you’ll want to compare products carefully.


For example, some water companies label their water “purified” when the water hasonly been passed through a carbon-based filter. Such filters remove some contaminants, but not all. Reverse-osmosis water filters purify water to a greater degree than do carbon-filters. But RO filters still do not boil the water and convert it to steam, as do water distillers, so RO filters often miss killing many bacteria. Yet, RO filtered water is often labeled “purified” water.

As you can see, without any government watchdogs, with out any government regulation, the term “purified” can be used loosely. One brand of “purified” water is not the same as the next. And the term “purified water” implies a wide range of water. So, the term “purified” is not a precise description.

Distilled water

“Distilled water” is in a different category altogether. Distilled water is purified water. But, it’s much cleaner than most kinds of treated water.

Think of it this way. What is the difference between tap water, sewage water, ocean water and distilled water? The answer: The contaminants found in the water. Fundamentally, there is no difference between filtered water and distilled water … except for how clean it is.

Distilled water is the cleanest form of water available. However, even the process of distillation can vary among water companies. Some water company’s distillers are less effective at removing contaminants than others.

What to look for …

  1. the quality of the materials used in making the water distiller (not all water distillers are created equally),
  2. the material that water is stored in after it has been distilled,
  3. how long the distilled water has been stored (this is important, especially if the water is being stored in a tank made of low-grade material),
  4. whether the distilled water is stored in a sterile environment,
  5. and whether the distilled water has undergone additional treatment methods.

AquaNui premium water distillers provide top-of-the-line water distillation. They include:

  • High-grade, stainless-steel distiller construction,
  • High-grade stainless-steel storage tanks to preserve water purity,
  • Air filters to prevent airborne contaminants from entering the distilled water,
  • and more

So, the next time you read labels on bottles of water you purchase at retail or the descriptions of the variety of water distillers available for purchase, be sure that you distinguish among terms. Filtered water is ok. Purified water is better. Distilled water is the best. But not all distillers produce the same level of water purity, so be sure to shop carefully!


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