Human Error or Not – AquaNui will stand the test

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Human error was not to blame for the unprecedented filtration plant breakdown that left 1.3 million Montrealers without drinkable water for a few days last month, officials tell QMI Agency. A series of “unpredictable and simultaneous” incidents related to repair work caused sediment to pour into the Atwater filtration plant on May 22. The city said workers lowered water levels as part of a routine maintenance procedure.A pump inside the reservoir should have stopped automatically, but it failed to do so, dropping water levels below a critical threshold. Water supplied to the southern half of the island ran brown for 36 hours, delaying hospital surgeries and sending hundreds of thousands of people scrambling to load up on bottled water. At a news conference on Thursday, Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum said communication procedures will be ramped up.


Filters will clog and fail

This can happen anywhere folks. It can happen in your community. Whether it is human error or a technical failure, it could happen. No filters or membranes can stand the test with the level of contaminants in your water such as the level  illustrated in this picture.

With an AquaNui distiller, you do not need to worry or scramble a load of bottled water. Even water running brown off your faucet can be 99.99% purified with your AquaNui distiller. That’s why embassies around the globe trust in our distillers and use them for drinking to their employees and diplomats. They trust in our technology and its performance under severe unexpected conditions. AquaNui is the only modular design distiller on the market. You can custom design your OWN distiller, build it the way you want and add the bells and whistles to it too.

We are happy to say that some of our many happy customers who own our distillers in Montreal did not have to worry about the crisis that hit 1.3 million Montrealers. Marc Jaoude was one of them. He was pleased that despite the terrible water quality coming out of his faucet, the water he ran through our distiller tested 99.99% pure. He was proud of what his distiller can do where other media filtration systems fail. You can enjoy the same experience and the peace of mind you can bring to you and your loved ones. Customize your AquaNui.

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    Very informative. Thank you!

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