Distilled water for your pets

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Distilled water for your pets

Given a choice, many animals have often demonstrated that they prefer drinking pure water to water that is less than pure.  There is an old story about a farmer and his goat.  According to this legend, he lined up several gallon buckets with water, each with a different amount of dissolved solids, from zero p.p.m. (distilled) to several thousand parts per million of impurities. In all other respects they were exactly the same. They were hung in random order on the fence forming the goat’s pen. As the story goes, the goat drank the water in order from lowest dissolved solids to highest! Amazing?


Frankly, I do not know if this story is true or not, but I have had similar experience with a couple of small Poodles. When given a choice of two or more dishes of water, one of them being distilled, they definitely preferred and chose the distilled. They may go to the others and sniff them first but they would very predictably go to the distilled water and begin drinking.

As most pet owners know, small dogs are very prone to arthritis in their hind quarters. We saw none of this in our dogs. These two small poodles had been on distilled water from the day they were born until the day they died. At age 17 they still retained many of the characteristics of young pups.

Fussy cats too, seem to prefer drinking pure water over less than pure water. They seem to have a built in sense of what is better to consume. This applies to food as well as water. Chlorine for sure would be a dead giveaway to them but even water that does not have chlorine tends to be avoided if they sense it is not pure enough for them to drink. They know something that many human beings do not seem to understand. Even pet birds appear to appreciate the pure water difference! How about you?

It has always been the position of Pure & Secure that the human body needs pure, contaminant-free water to function at its peak. So do your pets. Our products mimic the Hydrologic Cycle and, unlike water filtration methods, our steam-distillation technology returns water back to its pure origin. Don’t you want the best protection for your family? AquaNui brand is the only brand that offers you the freedom to to custom design your distiller to your need. It is an investment your pets deserve and will thank you for. Start custom designing your AquaNui distiller today.

Written and contributed by Eldon Muehling, aka “Dr. Water”.

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