Fukushima Remembered. Let’s Not Forget. Radiation is Coming Our Way.

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Fukushima Remembered. Let’s Not Forget. Radiation is Coming Our Way.

Japan-Fukushima-2013When the giant earthquake and tidal wave hit Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011, the world watched in horror.  Initially it was the amazing destruction of the east coast of Northern Honshu that bore the  brunt of the disaster with ships, cars, building and people all smashed together and then sucked out to sea.

However in the days that followed, it was the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima that was the focus of attention.   A huge radiation zone was created around the plant as the core melted down.  This released radiation into the air, water and the land nearby.  The impact of the melt-down was covered up by the operating company and to some extent, the government.

In recent weeks, more publicity has arisen as the government has taken over the clean-up task.  The Government is tryingfukushima-Jet-Stream-2013 to permanently freeze a large amount of the ground around the plant to prevent highly radioactive water from entering the ocean.  Meanwhile the air continues to be polluted with radioactive Cesium.  The Jet stream is such that the US, while a long way away, is downwind and will bear the effect of the contamination (see map).

Consumer’s Reaction:

Not surprisingly, this has caused consumers to look for ways to protect the health of their lovedFukushima-Radioactive-Scrabble ones.  There has been a big increase in the sale and distribution of Potassium Iodide pills.  This extra iodine goes to the thyroid preventing concentrations of radioactive isotopes building in the thyroid.

Another measure of protection is to ensure your drinking water is free of cesium.  This can be done by using a well-designed distiller.  Pure & Secure has had its distiller tested for Cesium reduction by the Water Sciences Group and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Their results showed a 99.8% reduction of cesium.


  1. Al Meder
    September 20, 2013

    Hi Glenn

    What a pleasant surprise. I remember the night we had dinner with Horace. Thanks for your comments corroborating the results on our distillers. I’m not surprised. Distillation is such an awesome process.

    Call me when you get a chance.

    Al Meder

  2. Glenn Rogers
    September 20, 2013


    Years ago we met in Cincinnati in 1990 at the Bottled Water Convention and we all went out to dinner with Horace Mansfield and another gentleman whom I forget.

    We at Water and Health Inc. in Virginia Beach, also tested several distillers with a third party lab and UL labs for radionuclide reduction, and after reviewing those tests with similar results as yours. I will trust no other method of water purification than distillers for the safe removal of heavy metals such as, radioactive contaminants, and the complete spectrum of commonly found contaminants, that still no other purification method can come close to.

    Now even more so than then, with the EPA blackout on environmental radiological testing immediately following the Fukushima disaster, independent testing has shown extremely high levels of radioactivity in AK and ID, at that time was airborne and sent worldwide. Radionuclide levels in Jacksonville Florida were 5000 times normal during the months following the incident, which should indicate that the entire continent was covered to some extent.

    I continue to this day not to drink any tap water, even when dinning out. My original reason for not doing this was to avoid the fluoride, being the most aggressive halogen, a DNA hydrogen bond ripping, mutagen/cancer agent, that should be outlawed. Even avoiding domestic beer (also from England) made with this mass medicated/poisoned water, so I’ll drink most European beer and Yingling, where the source water has no fluoride… hey got to have some fun with all this negativity going on.

    Anyway, just figured I’d put my two cents in and stir the pot…Talk soon, G. R.

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