The Water is safe… But pregnant women shouldn’t drink it!

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The Water is safe…  But pregnant women shouldn’t drink it!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you have heard about the big chemical spill in West Virginia that made the tap water for 300,00 residents unusable.  Well as the chemical moved on down the water supply, more and more homes are getting the green light that their tap water is safe to drink and bathe in, except of course one group of people, pregnant women.  They are being warned that the 4-methylcyclohexane methanol is still in the water but very diluted and they don’t know the dangers that this level could cause to a weakened immune system.  Let that sink in…  They don’t know the dangers.

The EPA set a standard of 1 part per million for 4-methylcyclohexane methanol to be in your water and be safe to drink for the masses.  When residents of West Virginia asked what data the EPA had to prove that was safe, there was none to be given.  The 1 part per million is an arbitrary number that blankets unknown contaminants.  Areas where the water has been deemed “safe” have seen hospital visits skyrocket with rashes from bathing in this “safe” water.  “Based on the water sampling data that we have seen, we think that allowing the water to be used for drinking and cooking and all the other things is perfectly appropriate,” Said Dr. Vikas Kapil, Chief Medical Officer for the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health.  His ringing endorsement continues when asked about the 1 part per million guideline “Is a level not likely to be associated with adverse health effects.”

The Vice Chairman of the West Virginia Environmental Quality Board, Scott Simonton is not so convinced on the safety of these levels either.  “I don’t think that just because it’s below that number, it’s magically safe.  We don’t know enough about the toxicity of this particular chemical to know what its long-term effects are and what the maximum contaminant level really should be.”  There is just not enough money and time to fully test every new chemical that comes out and what affect it has on the body and at what levels. The EPA has standards that say something is probably safe at these levels but there is no way to enforce them or know that they are under that safe level when you get it because water is constantly flowing and changing.
This is why a distiller is one of the most important things you can have in your home.  It gives you the peace of mind to know that most all contaminants are removed from your water.  Infants, pregnant woman, the elderly, and really anyone with a weakened immune system in the home are at a higher risk from contaminants in the water.  If people who are sensitive to toxins should be drinking pure distilled water, free of toxins, why wouldn’t we all want to be drinking that for our own well-being?   A  U.S. Made, stainless steel, VOC vented distiller gives you the peace of mind for everyone in your home.

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