An Attractive Distiller that Functions as Advertised

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An Attractive Distiller that Functions as Advertised

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By David T Seeley on November 17, 2014
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“I have had this steam distiller for 30 days and have run 60+ gallons through it without any problems. I have owned carafe style, foreign made systems before and they always break within 18 months, so I am hoping to get more mileage out of this system.

“After 1 month, I am averaging about $0.41 electric per gallon produced, with a total cost of about $0.54 per gallon overall (electric, actual water cost, and taxes). This compares to $1.19-1.29 average cost per gallon of steam distilled water I can purchase locally, which all comes in non-BPA plastic containers. Overall, the product is as advertised: it does take about 4 – 4.5 hours to produce 1 gallon of steam distilled water.

“Weekly drainage is easy and I cleaned the unite once without issue. The steam sterilization setting is easy to do and takes less than 90 minutes. I was amazed the first time I drained the tank at all the milky colored filth that came out the drainage spout.

“My only complaint is that the enclosed glass collection jar does NOT fit with the post-carbon filter unless you use a 1″ support underneath the unit: without support you can not use the bottle lid, which I find to be necessary in keeping dust out during the distillation process. So, I bought a cheap 1” cutting board which resolved this issue.

“I test every gallon of distilled water I produced and the average Ph is running about 6.85 – 6.89 for those interested, and about 5.90 after storage in a stainless steel water tank.

“I give the system a 5 Star Rating for looks and function, but a 4 Star Rating overall due to the bottle issue.”

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