Be Prepared

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Be Prepared

By Al Meder

When I was a young boy I was a member of the Boy Scouts. This is a wonderful organization which taught young boys so many basic skills. The Boy Scouts had a motto: “Be Prepared”.

These two words have so much meaning across life when you think about it. Apply these to your life and instill them in your children. Youngsters who read early are clearly better prepared for the challenges ahead. Youths who practice hard are generally better prepared to excel in sports. And likewise, preparation for the job you choose puts you in a better position to advance in your career.

Being prepared is also good when it comes to your family’s health. Drinking distilled water is a good preparation for a healthier life, as you remove the toxins, even those at very low levels, which your body would otherwise have to deal with. This has even more importance today.

I’m sure you have seen the daily reports of weather extremes. We are seeing record droughts in California. At the same time there have been unprecedented rains and flooding in Texas, Oklahoma and elsewhere in the US. This is not impacting the US alone. North and South Korea are in drought conditions, and New Zealand and Eastern Europe are having record rainfall and flooding. These extremes can have a profound effect on water quality. Water treatment plants in some areas can’t handle the volume of water effectively, while in drought areas water quality can be severely compromised.

Those families who are prepared have installed water distillers. A well-designed distiller can remove virtually all toxins from the water regardless of the water conditions. At the same time distillers are friendly to the environment – they simply don’t waste water.

So my advice is to tell your friends and neighbors about your distiller and the wonderful benefits of “being prepared” in the water you consume. You will be doing them a great service.

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