Pennsylvania Community Experiences Spike in Water Nitrate Levels

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Pennsylvania Community Experiences Spike in Water Nitrate Levels

Pennsylvania families are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their tap water and the risks it poses for infants.

Nitrates found in drinking water can make babies very sick; infants under six months of age are at particular risk for nitrate poisoning when they ingest formula that has been prepared with contaminated tap water. Nitrate poisoning includes symptoms like shortness of breath and blue baby syndrome. The EPA set the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for nitrates in water at 10 ppm; water tested in Adams County, Pennsylvania, contained levels anywhere between 20-80 ppm.

When it comes to determining the cause behind the spike in nitrate levels in well water, some suspect it could be from a recent chemical plant fire in the area that contaminated local creeks. Though this is possible, the chemical plant fire has not been confirmed as the cause of the contamination.

Families in these communities have switched to bottled water for preparing formula, as well as other uses for their families. However, bottled water may not be the safest solution. Bottled water company, Niagara Bottling, recently issued a recall of bottled water from two of its Pennsylvania bottling plants after the supplier failed to report positive E. coli findings at the spring source. A premium water distiller can ensure that a family’s water is safe.

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