Why Buy an Automatic Water Distiller for Your Home

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Why Buy an Automatic Water Distiller for Your Home

We have often been asked about the reasons behind drinking distilled water and more importantly, why should consider having an automatic water distiller in our home.  The quality and quantity of water that we drink can deeply improve our health and well being.  It seems like a logical conclusion for anyone to reach, yet many have not given water much thought.  Unfortunately, in this world of processed foods, many turn to the consumption of other less healthy beverages such as soda.  Is it strange that so many of us don’t drink water at meals anymore?  Even those that do drink water often turn to bottled water because of convenience, or they don’t like the taste of tap water.  Sadly, plastic water bottles are more often not recycled and approximately 38 billion bottles end up in landfills every year.
Assuming that you have decided that you want to improve the quality of the water that you consume, and that you want to embrace the most sensible and economical solution for yourself and your family, it makes sense to consider an automatic water distiller for your home.

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Use Distilled Water for Baby Formula

In choosing the right size distiller you must first determine how much pure water your family will need per day.  Assume that you will use pure distilled water not only for drinking, but also for a variety of other consumptive uses such as: making coffee and tea, reconstitution of various juices, making baby formula, cooking foods like pasta and soup, delicious ice, for baking, for canning and any other consumptive needs.  Do you carry a water bottle with you?  Fill it up with your own distilled water and enjoy the clean pure taste.  Pack your child’s lunch or send them to school with their own water as well.  Most find that they drink more, and enjoy water more, when it is clean distilled water.  Don’t forget about your pets.  You will want to provide great tasting water for your dogs and cats, who especially enjoy drinking pure water.  We recommend using the basic guide of 2 gallons per person, per day as a buying guideline just for consumptive use.

There are some non-consumptive uses of distilled water.  They include: washing and rinsing hair (you might wish to warm in up first), brushing teeth, washing delicate clothing or other cloth items such as carpet or upholstery, for filling steam irons, watering house plants, restoring furniture or fine antiques, replacement  water for car and truck radiators, added water to CPAP machines, and the list goes on.

This brings the total amount of distilled water needed to many more gallons than you might had originally thought.  A mistake that some people could when purchasing a water distiller is to buy one that is too small for all their needs.  It is also good to have extra distilled water on reserve for sharing with others or for any time that you are without power as water is stored in the tank.  If you have any doubts about which automatic water distiller is the right one for you, please call us to talk to a water specialist.

Larger distillers make water faster because they have higher wattage on the heating elements but the cost of making the distilled water is virtually the same…3 KWH per gallon. A nice advantage of faster production is that it will complete the distillation cycle in a shorter time. If desired, the customer can choose what part of the day to have it run as well.

Smaller manual countertop water distillers require slightly more electrical energy to produce distilled water because of the re-occurring need to heat the batches of tap water in the boiling tank to its boiling temperature. This type of distiller also requires the owner, or someone else, to always remember to make additional batches of distilled water before running out. Although for one or two people, or for your RV, manual distillers may be a better fit.  Larger distillers have a float system in the holding tank that automatically and conveniently makes additional distilled water as needed or before it is needed.  Essentially, automatic water distillers provide water on demand, while manual distillers must be filled by hand much like a coffee machine.

Larger distillers can be equipped with a demand pump. This allows for the distribution of distilled water to faucets or icemakers.  Not only is this a nice convenience feature for serving distilled water, this also allows the homeowner more choices as to where to locate the distiller. In most cases, this would mean that the distiller can be conveniently located in the mechanical area of a basement or in an attached garage given that the temperatures do not drop below freezing in your area.  We recommend that automatic distillers be located in a mechanical area or garage if you are tight on space in your kitchen, do not want to hear any noise from the machine or are concerned about the slight amount of heat given off by the distiller when in operation.

Although bigger is not always better, a larger automatic water distiller makes a lot of sense for many of our customers, especially for those with families, or those who like the convenience of pure water on demand.  Our AquaNui water distillers are also modular and can be upgraded if you realize you need a larger storage tank.  These units are easily installed by the homeowner or plumber and they are very easy to maintain.  Please note that, in order to install a pump to a faucet or icemaker, your local municipality may require you to hire a plumber.  Please check the codes in your area before purchasing and installing your water distiller.


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