Why Buy Distilled Water in Plastic Bottles? Buy a Water Distiller Instead!

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Why Buy Distilled Water in Plastic Bottles? Buy a Water Distiller Instead!

Buying bottled water creates unnecessary waste and trips to the store, while buying your own water distiller provides your family with fresh vapor distilled water right in the comfort of your home.  We understand that many consumers prefer the taste and convenience of bottled water.  But, lugging heavy bottles home and then having to recycle all of them, or worse, just throwing them away, isn’t much fun at all.  Did you know that nearly 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every day?

Instead of drinking tap water, or bottled water, health conscious and environmentally savvy people are drinking pure vapor distilled water made with home water distillers.

Distilled water is produced in a similar fashion to nature’s Hydrologic Cycle, which includes the process of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.  It is safer than bottled or tap water, it costs less, and automatic water distillers are extremely convenient.

AquaNui™ by Pure Water®, a complete line of premium, customizable water distillers


Pure Vapor Distilled Water:  Vapor distilled water is 99.9% pure.  In the distillation process, tap water is heated to boiling, releasing pure water vapor into condensing coils and leaving impurities behind.  As the vapor is cooled, it condenses back to water – 99.9% pure water!  The impurities remain in the boiling tank as residue which is then removed.

AquaNui Water Distillation Systems remove bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile gasses, cysts and other contaminants from your water, leaving it 99.9% free of solids, minerals or trace elements. Clean, natural and healthy vapor distilled water sets the standard by which all other waters are measured.

Is Bottled Water Safe? Bottle processing has fewer regulations than tap water making people wonder if bottled water is actually safe.  In fact, bottled water companies are not required to release their testing data to the public at all, except in the state of California, where a minimum of information is required. So buyer beware!

Regarding the plastic in bottles, a study published in the Environmental Health Journal states, “Many unstressed and stressed, PC-replacement-products made from acrylic, polystyrene, polyethersulfone, and Tritan™ resins leached chemicals with EA (estrogenic activity)”. In other words, when plastics are scratched or heated, they can degrade, allowing toxic chemicals into the water. Research also strongly suggests that, at certain exposure levels, some of the chemicals in these products may cause cancer.


Pure Vapor Distilled Water:  Based on a residential electrical rate of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, an 8 ounce serving of vapor distilled water costs approximately 2 cents. Virtually no water is wasted, and there are no pollutants to worry about.  You are left with clean, delicious 99.9% contaminant-free water.

Bottled Water:  Based on the average cost of a leading water brand, an 8 oz. bottle of water costs 46 cents, 44 cents more than distilled water! But let’s go beyond the per-serving cost and consider the environmental cost: Only about 25 to 30 percent of the water bottles consumed in the U.S. are recycled.  (How many bottles do you throw away?) The rest end up in landfills and take years to disintegrate.  Millions of bottles also litter our landscapes and surface waters endangering wildlife, human health, and the environment.  In fact, nearly 60 million bottles hit landfills daily!


Pure Vapor Distilled Water:  Producing vapor distilled water in your home means that pure, contaminant-free water is always on tap.  No bottles are wasted.  No pick-up or delivery is required. Fill up your stainless steel water bottles to take with you to work, to school, to your next sports activity!

Bottled Water:  In typical situations, bottled water is available in convenience stores, grocery stores, vending machines, and online.  However, you must pick it up or have it delivered.  After the water is consumed, you are responsible for plastic bottle disposal or recycling – remember it’s everyone’s loss if you toss!

Pure and Secure!

What happens if there is an emergency in your area?  During emergencies bottled water quickly disappears from store shelves.  But, having your own home water distiller allows you to store an emergency water supply ahead of time.  AquaNui Automatic water distillers have a storage tank that acts as an additional backup for short periods of time.  In addition to that, approved storage containers can be filled at any time to keep on hand in case of emergency.  Make sure you have a pure and secure source of water to keep your family healthy and safe at all times!

plastic in the oceanBe the Change

In the end, the question comes down to this:  If you’ve been buying bottled water, what do you have to show for it?  Everyone has opportunities in their daily lives to make small changes that can impact everyone.

An AquaNui Home Water Distiller will give you great tasting, 99.9% contaminant free water day after day, and year after year at a cost far below the cost of bottled water. And due to AqauNui’s superior design and workmanship, your initial investment will pay for itself many times over!

Our made-in-the-U.S.A. units are built to last and come with an exclusive warranty:  15 years on the stainless steel, 2 years on the electrical components.

Don’t buy bottled distilled water, buy a water distiller!


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