“Don’t I need the Minerals in my water?”

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Minerals in Water!

This question can be answered in two different ways.

First, this question is usually coupled with “well, a filter removes the bad stuff but leaves the minerals in.”  A filter does not pick and choose what to leave in and take out.  It only removes what gets stuck in it.  Just like we mentioned in our yesterday’s blog.  So if it is leaving minerals in your water, who knows what else it is leaving too. There is no way for a filter to leave  minerals and remove toxins even if they are preceded by the word “smart”.

Types of Minerals my Body Needs!

The Second way to answer this question is by looking into types of minerals found in water.  Minerals in water are usually in an inorganic form.

BlockedArteryWhenever you take a mineral supplement or eat a fruit or vegetable, you take in minerals in their organic form.  In the organic form your body absorbs upwards around 80% but when it is in inorganic form it will drop down to around 15%. (Levels vary depending on the mineral but organic is always higher). This is simply because your body is not designed to assimilate inorganic mineral. Your body thrives for nutrients rich with organic minerals. Thus the excess of inorganic minerals are distributed through your blood stream and eventually end up building-up around the wall of your arteries or in your kidneys.

In his reply to one of his patients, Dr. Martin Scurr draws a similarity. He says: “….. However, it did reveal that your arteries have started to harden. Calcium deposits have formed in the artery walls, rather like calcium build-up in water pipes”.

gunk1_leafIf Calcium can build up in water pipes (see picture), it can build up in your arteries too. So all those extra minerals you are drinking in your water are getting wasted and building up in your joints and other areas of your body while it works to remove them. treat yourself with an AquaNui distiller. You deserve it!

Contributed by Jim Blakley

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