Distillation Technology – Seek out in days of Drought

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Distillation Technology – Seek out in days of Drought

March 22nd was Water World Day. At AquaNui our message was loud, sound and clear; with water scarcity, we need a reliable technology. We shared some global water crisis. These figures were sobering and captivating. However, when water problems hit home or our neighbor’s backyard, we need to look into matters from a different perspective and with urgency. On December 2013, we wrote a blog pointing people’s attention on how drought is targeting cities and states with high population density and how drought will eventually affect food pricing and restrict people from having free access to safe drinking water. Back then no city in California was among the top 10 extreme drought list.

This video that was produced by Science @ Nasa clearly proved the actual water conditions in The “Golden State” or should I say the “Brown State”  affecting the socio-demographic structure of the state. Watch what this 3 minute video discusses:

Action is needed to preserve our precious water resources. We cannot rely on cheap inexpensive technologies that waste tons of water to purify gallons of water. Distillation technology is the ONLY water treatment that should be used especially in times of water distress like that in California. Distillation wastes a fraction of a fraction of water to produce safe fresh pure and secure water.

You may have been noticing recently Water Boil Alert across the nation . It is all over! On average I receive 5-7 weekly alerts and sometimes in areas close to where I live. I am concerned but not worried. With my Water  Arsenal – My Distiller – I have no reason to be concerned about water condition. With distillation technology, I am contributing to the environment by not using a water treatment system that wastes water. I am contributing to my family’s health by offering them the healthiest water on this planet.

A well designed carefully engineered distiller is an investment you will never regret. With our 47 years in business, and 11 years with the company, I am yet to hear from one customer that a distiller was a bad choice. Especially when their distiller serves them 35 or 40 years providing them tens of thousands of fresh, pure and secure gallons of water, and saving them tens of thousands of dollars versus bottled water. Think before drink.

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